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Becoming a member


The success of the club comes from the volunteering efforts of all of its members. The financial contribution made through member fees are essential to the physical upkeep of the club and equipment but there is an expectation that members also volunteer and help where possible in the running of the club.


Being a member requires a certain level of paddling proficiency.

This can be established in 3 ways

1; Evidence of paddling qualifications. Examples of evidence would be a British Canoeing award or a Hasler Divisional ranking of 8 or above.

2; if you don't have qualifications but beleive you are sufficiently experienced you can evidence your abilities through an individual assessment with the club coaches. Assessments are normally conducted in a closed cockpit (with spraydeck) general purpose kayak. You will be assessed on the following:

  • Boat and equipment set up

  • Forwards and backwards paddling

  • Stopping

  • Draw strokes (moving sideways)

  • Low brace support

  • Capsize and recover to the bank (or roll)

  • Safety questions

3; If you are completely new to paddling with no qualifications we run new members beginners' courses during the warmer months of the year. whihc lead to British Canoeing awrds (click for more details) You will find updated details on the home page. There is an expectation that doing the course is a pre-requisite to becoming a member,

Once you have proven you paddling proficieny we have a hope and expectation that you will continue your paddling journey with the NCC by becoming a member. You may also become a non-[addling member if you want to support and be part of the community.


Members Fees 

From 1st July 2023 onwards basic membership types/rates are:

·    Adult - £10.50 per month

·    Under 18 - £4.25 per month

·    Associate non-paddling/social member - £2 per month


We also offer a family membership, which is:

·    the cost of 1 adult member (£10.50 per month)

    plus £4.25 per additional paddler

    plus £1 per additional non-paddler per month


Additional charges:

·    Use of club boats or SUPs is £2.50 per month

·    Boat or SUP storage at the club facilities is £2.50 per month per boat


There is no joining fee.


The fee’s apply to users of both SUP’s & Kayak’s


NCC reserves the right to vary fee’s in special circumstances

For more information click here or contact our membership secratary

Becoming a member

British Canoeing awards through NCC 


We are offering half day BEGINNERS TASTER SESSIONS to test if you take to the water before committing to more.

You will earn your START AWARD but not yet be eligible to be a member at this stage.


Evidence basic paddling skills through an individual assessment or completion of our BEGINNERS COURSE.

You will earn  your DISCOVER AWARD and be eligIble for membership to NCC


Practice paddling skills as a member, participating in social events and paddles.

Utilise general paddling sessions and arrange 1:1 coaching as needed.


Achieve the EXPLORE AWARD to become an independant paddler proving competency and confidence in handling your boat and paddling safely.

The aim is to ensure you can paddle safely alone.


Enjoy solo paddling as well as continuing with group paddles, day trips, K1 time trials & races, and more.

Leisure paddling

Leisure paddling

As a beginner with NCC you will start out using general plastic kayaks to get you comfortable on the water and mastering basic techniques. We have a range of boat shapes and sizes so that you can find one that fits well for you. Boats come with adjustable foot rests which you can fit before getting on to the water.

As you develop your paddling you will come to learn which kayak is right for your size and weight but also your purpose. You may start wanting to explore different types of paddling such as sea kayaking, river paddling, white water kayaking, longer overnight expeditions or move more towards racing with NCC.  We are also now including courses in SUP's and have a number available for use with the club along with running starter courses.  

There are lots of externally organised activities throughout the UK in which you can attend independantly or ask the club to help organise a group event which can be great fun. In 2022 we saw the club have a weekend away in Pembrokeshire with Preseli venture for sea kayaking and coasteering, and also organised a day with Poole canoe club for some sea kaying. Flowing waters further beyond the canal can be explored with the assistance and expertise of our club leaders who will ensure the trip is organised in accordance with health and safety protocol.


Paddleboarding (SUP's)

What is Stand-up Paddleboarding (SUP)?

Stand-up paddleboarding, also known as SUP, is one of the fastest-growing board sports in the world. Paddleboarding has its roots in Africa, South America, and the ancient Polynesian culture. SUP is a subclass of paddleboarding, a concept that also includes the use of arms while kneeling, lying, or standing on a narrow and long paddleboard to move around in the water.

In stand-up paddleboarding, riders stand up on the board and move through the water with a paddle. You can do all kinds of activities on a SUP, like yoga, fishing, racing, and touring. SUP offers many of the perks of kayaking, but with a much better vantage point than a kayak and much more ease of movement. This discipline derives from surfing but with a longer board and a paddle.

There are many different types of paddleboards you can choose from; from solid all-in-one surf board style to 3 piece paddleboards for easy storage to inflatable. There are also many different sizes depending on you and the nature of your choice of paddling.

Paddleboarding is a very easy sport to learn, although like with any sport,  confidence is needed in order to gain experience and become a stronger and more proficient paddler. This sport is all about having fun and exercising at the same time. If you are touring or casual paddling you can take snacks/drinks etc on the boards and take to the water surrounding yourself with nature. It is also a very gentle, therapeutic way of being outside and relieving the days stresses away.

To enquire about SUP starter courses contact

Flat water racing

Flat Water racing

Due to the nature of the waters in and around Newbury, NCC has come to focus their attentions on Flat water racing along the Kennet and Avon canal.

NCC is looking for keen athletes of all ages who would like to learn and compete at flatwater kayak racing.

As a fitness activity, flatwater kayaking provides an immersive experience of being on the river that immediately puts you in touch with nature and wildlife, and develops your decision-making in the natural environment.

Flatwater racing kayaks are fast, lightweight boats weighing in at around 10 kilos. Built for speed, these boats are unstable and difficult to master. But once an athlete is comfortable in one and has learned the proper technique, they can reach speeds in excess of 20km/h.

Kayak racing demands, and develops, a lot in an athlete: as it requires strength, cardiovascular fitness, endurance; but also balance, flexibility and precision. Once proficiency in paddling is achieved, racing adds in a whole new level of tactical complexity and challenge.

Flatwater races occur regularly during the warmer months. The Hasler Series provides a set of divisions - a ‘ladder’ which paddlers can climb as their skills and experience increase.

Despite our small size, Newbury Canoe Club has a good number of highly experienced and accomplished flatwater paddlers. We are offering a rare opportunity to learn and participate in this exciting and challenging discipline expanding now into Sprint and Canoe racing.


If you would like to get involved in flatwater racing, the first step is to attain basic proficiency in a plastic boat. Our club runs beginners courses in the warmer months which result in the Discover Award from British Canoeing. With this foundation, beginners can start training in race boats.

Flatwater Kayak Racing with Newbury Canoe Club

Flatwater Kayak Racing with Newbury Canoe Club

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Hasler racing

What is Hasler racing?

The main championship that our flat water racing members enter is the Hasler Trophy. This is the National Team League Championships and all canoe clubs with a racing section in England take part.


Qualification for the Hasler Trophy Final in September annually is done on a regional basis. BCCC is in the Southern region.


Points are awarded for race positions and the top four clubs in each region go forward to compete in the annual Hasler Final.

Who can particpate?

To take part in the final you have to have completed at least three qualifying races during the season (1st September –31st August).

BCCC paddlers compete at Clubs such as Pangbourne, Reading, Wokingham (Reading), Longridge (Marlow), Henley, Windsor, Southampton, Oxford and Banbury.

When are the races for the Southern Region?