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Kayaking in the Big Smoke

In April 2022 four members of Newbury Canoe Club participated in a Kayak trip down the Thames, from Battersea to Greenwich, clocking19.29 kms in under 4hrs.

The event was led and organised through

Written by Richard Carter

Photos by Julie Raworth

Starting in the early evening at Battersea, London, Rachael, Julie and 2 Richard’s met the organisers at a public launching point on the edge of the Thames. There, K2’s were prepared for the expedition which were very stable and ideally suited for what in places was quite choppy swell. In addition, we were fully kitted and equipped with high quality warm weather waterproof gear.

Starting at 6pm on the ebb of the tide the current assisted us past all the major sites of London, including the Houses of Parliament, The London Eye, the Mayor’s office.

The view became ever more remarkable as a perfect late afternoon became a perfect evening.

The expedition leaders were excellent – and needed their wits as buoys and barges were significant obstacles in the dark and as the tide grew in strength care had to be taken. Paddling within touching distance of HMS Belfast was special. So was being on the same river as giant Uber Taxiboat Cat’s speeding upstream.

It was a unique and special way to see London. It was a jolly tasty beer in the pub after the event!

Well done to Rachael for organising.


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