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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of canoeing and kayaking are Newbury CC involved in?

The club aims to support a wide range of canoeing and kayaking activities and styles. We store a range of club boats which can be used by members - this includes plastic recreational boats as well as racing kayaks (K1 and K2), and Canadian canoes.

The Kennet and Avon Canal is flatwater, and lends itself particularly well to flatwater racing. Newbury Canoe Club has a long and established history in kayak racing - organising and running the Waterside Series each year. The club runs regular organised training sessions in race boats and has a range of beginner boats for this purpose. 

In addition the club has a wide range of plastic recreational, touring style boats Candadian Canoes and SUP's, which club members use to explore the local area and organise trips further afield.

As a club we encourage our members to get involved to expand and develop the range of kayaking and canoeing activities that we support.

Can I hire out a kayak/canoe/SUP for a couple of hours?

NCC does not provide a short term hire service for vessels unless you are a paid member of the club. 

There are other companies, such the Cotswolds Water park, that are set up for this provision.  We hope you can appreciate that this kind of set up requires different facilities and insurance, such as providing full-time lifeguards and being open to all abilities.

To use NCC equipment  you will need  to be a member as this means you have proven your ability to paddle efficiently and safely in which which our insurance will then cover.

How can I join Newbury Canoe Club?

If you can evidence you are an experienced paddler then you can apply to join the club straight away by filling out the membership application form and setting up a Direct Debit. Examples of evidence would be a British Canoeing award or a Hasler Divisional ranking of 8 or above.

If you are a beginning paddler with no qualifications, we run beginners' courses during the warmer months of the year. 

The courses are full for 2023 but please contact us if you would like to go on the waiting list for 2024.

If you are an experienced paddler with plenty of paddling experience but no current qualifications, you can arrange for an assessment with one of our coaches. To do so, email us at Assessments are normally conducted in a closed cockpit (with spraydeck) general purpose kayak. You will be assessed on the following:

  • Boat and equipment set up

  • Forwards and backwards paddling

  • Stopping

  • Draw strokes (moving sideways)

  • Low brace support

  • Capsize and recover to the bank (or roll)

  • Safety questions

Contact Newburycanoeclub@hotmail

How can I find out about upcoming beginners' courses?

Information on upcoming courses will be on our Home page and announced on Facebook  when we are able to confirm dates. Courses are run during the warmer months, and we can only fit a certain number in each year. If you don't see any beginners courses currently listed, there are none currently confirmed or they are already at full capacity.

To be added to the waiting list for upcoming courses, please email and direct your enquiry to the New members organisor.

Please be aware we are a volunteer run club with limited coaching resource. Larger clubs (such as Adventure Dolphin Adventure Dolphin – Experience a Sense of Adventure in Pangbourne) run courses for much of the year. Provided the skills required for assessment are covered you can join Newbury CC after such a course.

How much does membership cost?

From 1st July 2023 onwards basic membership types/rates are:

·    Adult - £10.50 per month

·    Under 18 - £4.25 per month

·    Associate non-paddling/social member - £2 per month


We also offer a family membership, which is:

·    the cost of 1 adult member (£10.50 per month)

    plus £4.25 per additional paddler

    plus £1 per additional non-paddler per month


Additional charges:

·    Use of club boats or SUPs is £2.50 per month

·    Boat or SUP storage at the club facilities is £2.50 per month per boat


There is no joining fee.


The fee’s apply to users of both SUP’s & Kayak’s


NCC reserves the right to vary fee’s in special circumstances

Do you offer 1-to-1 lessons?

No, we do not offer one-to-one lessons

Do you offer 'taster sessions'?

For 2023 we are offering 2 x half day taster sessions at the cost of £40. Click here for more information 

These do not qualify you to become a member. You will need to complete the beginners course for this.

What training or club sessions are available?

Once you become a member you will have access to a full calendar of training options that include beginners and progression classes for K-boats and one off training workshops to improve general paddling.  There is also the use of club gym facilities in which weekly classes of circuits and yoga are held. 

What opportunities are there for further development as a paddler?

Paddlers can progress in their skills through participation in training and events - the calendar of national marathon events provides a framework for progression through Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced divisions. In addition the club invests in member training and development through British Canoeing qualifications.

The initial goal for new members is to gain British Canoeing's Explore Award - a standard which requires development of paddling skills, situational awareness of risk and water safety, and experience of a number of different water conditions.

Further training towards Instructor, Leader and Coaching qualifications is coordinated by our Head Coach in collaboration with our members individually, to contribute to the overall competency goals of the club as a whole.

What about insurance and waterways licences?

Members are strongly encouraged to become British Canoeing members as soon as possible. This ensures that members are covered for third party insurance and have an appropriate waterways license from the Canal and Rivers Trust. There is a requirement by law to have permission to paddle on the Kennet and Avon Canal.

Newbury Canoe Club is affiliated to British Canoeing, and this affiliation provides third party insurance for Club sessions only. 

For more information please see our Operating Procedures.

Can I store my kit at the club?

The club has limited rack space available for storage of member boats. 


If you would like to enquire about boat storage, please email - for the attention of the Equipment Secretary.


Members can also leave their paddles at the club - usually in their boats - but we do not offer storage for any other kit (such as clothing/shoes etc).

Do I need to sign in before I use a boat from the club?

All members are asked to sign in using the dedicated signing-in book in the clubhouse lobby before setting off from the club, even when using your own boat.

How do I access the club?

The canoe club is located on the south bank of the canal, and can be accessed from the Library car park by walking down and under the bridge (A339). 

How can I join NCC?
Beginners courses
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