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Witches seen floating through Newbury

Did you see a fleet of witches floating through Newbury on Halloween night?

If so, don't be scared, they weren't real witches but NCC members.

To coincide with Halloween and the first ever recorded Witch paddleboard 380yrs ago, nine intrepid paddlers from NCC took to the waters in witches costumes and paddled to Guyer's Lock and back. We had 4 SUPs, 3 canoeists and 2 kayakers who braved the wet weather paddle.

The paddlers were safely guided along the route by various glow stick light shows, a witches broomstick on the Monkey bridge, some removable underwater fish and a Witch by Red Lock (all removed with no impact to the environment). Much to the suprise of the Witch paddlers, they glided up to a wonderfully lit coven at Guyers lock, masterfully put together by Clive and his team.

After the light show we all paddled back safely, changed and enjoyed some hot cocoa, homemade ginger cake by Jak and some Jaffa cakes and cookies. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and had a great time.

Look out next year for the witches return!



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