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First Succesful SUP Starters!

On 27th May the sun came out as 4 participants took to the water for the first SUP Safer Taster session. They came with little or no experience, learning the safer way to paddleboard.

We started off on land with a fun (but serious) chat on safety on the water, introducing the equipment and practicing how to get on/off the board...along with standing!

Once we were all happy, we took to the water putting into practice what we just went through. They all managed to stand up and paddle with just one fall knocking me in! 🙂 This was a great opportunity to then show some off the recues and get everyone else involved, as well as cooling down from the lovely warm heatwave..

We took a little trip to the lock downstream and had a play around there doing some quick turns and a little bit of Yoga poses. We then had a gentle paddle and chat on the way back.

Thankyou all for making this such a positive experience and I look forward to the meeting my next cohort!


If you would more information on the courses coming up this summer and how to book go to


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