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Wolvercote trip, November 2021

Paddlesport Leader Mike Winter reports:

12 NCC members (and Jasper the dog!) ventured out to Wolvercote for a (what was thought!) a 6.5 mile round paddle.

The paddle started on the Thames near Godstow, paddling downstream in to the centre of Oxford. Once in Oxford the group headed back up the Oxford Canal before returning via the Dukes Cut. In total there are 5 locks, but we were lucky on the manned locks that the Lock Keepers operated the locks so we didn’t have to get out of our boats. This gave us all a new experience, and saved Clair having to take off \ put on her new spraydeck, which was pretty tight!

Once back in the car park we found out that the online info is wrong and it is in fact an 8.5 mile paddle.

Most people then adjourned to the Trout pub for some much needed refreshment, and to plan the next trip…"

As well as being a great day out, trips like this allow inexperienced paddlers to explore new waters with the support of our Paddlesport Leaders. They also provide experience which can count towards personal competence and leadership qualifications.

Big thanks to NCC member Kevin Turner for filming and editing this footage.


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