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Newbury Canoe Club supporting the Million Mile Clean!

We are excited to announce as a club we'd like to participate in The Million Mile Clean.

Where: Starting at the Club House and along various stretches of the canal/river

When: Evenings/weekends between 15-30th May

What is the Million Mile Clean?

Created in response to the pandemic, the Million Mile Clean connects your beach, street, river and mountain cleaning action. Running throughout the year, we aim to inspire, empower and support 100,000 volunteers walking 10 miles whilst cleaning the places they love. It will be the biggest and most impactful clean up event ever!

This campaign reflects and celebrates a national mood of hope and optimism as the country emerges from a dark winter spent in lockdown. Now more than ever, it is crucial for us all to reconnect with the outdoors and the Million Mile Clean provides an opportunity for you to prioritise your health whilst also creating a positive impact on your environment.

Want to get involved?

The plan for Newbury Canoe club, will take place between the 15-30th May.

If you'd like to take place in this event, please reply to this email (at the club address) to register your interest.

Please confirm interest by the 25th April in order to allow sufficient time for the club to register and obtain kits.


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