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Flatwater Kayak Racing at Newbury Canoe Club

Newbury Canoe Club is looking for keen athletes of all ages who would like to learn and compete at flatwater kayak racing.

As a fitness activity, flatwater kayaking provides an immersive experience of being on the river that immediately puts you in touch with nature and wildlife, and develops your decision-making in the natural environment.

Flatwater racing kayaks are fast, lightweight boats weighing in at around 10 kilos. Built for speed, these boats are unstable and difficult to master. But once an athlete is comfortable in one and has learned the proper technique, they can reach speeds in excess of 20km/h.

Kayak racing demands – and develops - a lot in an athlete: as it requires strength, cardiovascular fitness, endurance; but also balance, flexibility and precision. Once proficiency in paddling is achieved, racing adds in a whole new level of tactical complexity and challenge.

Flatwater races occur regularly during the warmer months. The Hasler Series provides a set of divisions - a ‘ladder’ which paddlers can climb as their skills and experience increase.

Despite our small size, Newbury Canoe Club has a good number of highly experienced and accomplished flatwater paddlers. We are offering a rare opportunity to learn and participate in this exciting and challenging discipline.

If you would like to get involved in flatwater racing, the first step is to attain basic proficiency in a plastic boat. Our club runs beginners courses in the warmer months which result in the Discover Award from British Canoeing. With this foundation, beginners can start training in race boats.

Join our waiting list for Beginners Courses and let us know on the form if you are particularly interested in Flatwater Racing.


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