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Just a typical weekend with NCC!

Whilst the summer weather has been evading us somewhat this has not put off us hearty Newbury paddlers from getting out on the water in all kinds of ways. As I ventured out on a long, gentle plastic paddle with Jacqueline it struck me how active ad varied the clubs presence is now in Newbury. I can walk through town and barely see anybody I know, but get on the water and there are many familiars friendly faces to wave at.

The Big Paddle Clean up

Even before getting on the water I found the club featured in the local newspaper, celebrating their 'Big paddle clean' efforts.

'Safer Paddle' Kayak Course

Our first meeting on the water was negotiating our way through 3 newbies testing themselves on the flows around the Lock-Stock on Phils first 'safer paddle' kayak course. A newbie himself just 3 years ago, Phil completed his instructors training recently to help the team support the expanding membership. I did wonder if it was Phil or Clive running the course but I am sure they worked together as a team. The slalom ploes even got an airing!

Trepid K2 adventurers

As we portaged over Guyers lock we came face to face with Richard/Andrew, and Ed/Felix who were on the home straight of their epic K2 trip from Bedwyn.

Wind in the willows Canadian canoe picnic

As we returned back into Newbury ourselves, having been to Hampstead lock, we then bumped into another club newbie and her friend who were out on a 'wind in the willows' themed Canadian Canoe picnic trip.

Canadian Canoe racing

The following day whatsapp sent us pictures of Rob and Mike competing at Tewkesbury in the clubs first race in Canadian Canoes. Funnily enough they came first!

Mike has been out the last few weeks introducing The Darkness to members and to ascertain whether it is worth the club investing in a racing Canadian.


And whilst there wasn't anything this weekend we cannot forget the regular sight of Carolyn and her SUP starter courses happening every month throughout the summer.

Whilst racing still places a heavy focus for club this weekend has been a testimony to the diversity of paddling NCC has come to offer.


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