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Taster and beginners courses for 2023

We are running our last series of kayaking courses for 2023.

We very strongly prefer people to go on the “Taster” before committing themselves to the “Beginner” course. Kayaking requires a degree of physical dexterity and the “Taster” gives you a real appreciation of the experience.

If you’ve already been on a NCC “Taster” session earlier in the year we hope this Beginner Course better suits your diary.

“Taster” session

Saturday, 22nd July 2023


At a cost of £40 (12 places)

Beginner Course required attendance of two full days

Saturday 5th & 12th August 2023


At a cost of £90 (8 places)

Other points:

  1. No previous experience is required for either “Taster” or “Beginner”, but participants need to be over 18 and be able to swim 50m in light clothing

  2. NCC provides boats, paddles and buoyancy aides – packed lunches and a change of clothing is all that’s required from participants

  3. We hope that people who complete the “Beginner” course will go on to join NCC and become club members

  4. Payment for “Taster” and “Beginner” will be in advance. Should you no longer be able to attend we will return monies if we can find replacement participants

  5. We’ll allocate places on first come first served basis

  6. All the courses are volunteer led and run by members of NCC for the club

  7. “Taster” session and “Beginner” Course will take place from the NCC club house. It’s just next to the library (where you can park) and you can walk under the main road. There are changing rooms and showers

  8. NCC is a volunteer led organisation. We all pitch in a little. That’s why the fee’s are such good value.

More details about the club can be found on

Super interested – want to come along?

To book a place, contact:

Richard Carter


07956 208020


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