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The Waterside Series, organised by Newbury Canoe Club. is the largest annual kayak and canoe racing series in England. With each of the 4 races increasing in distance and portaging it creates a challenging series.

Sponsored by: Marsport 
With grateful help from Adventure Dolphin 


Race A  23rd February     
Race B  9th March     
Race C  23rd March     
Race D  6th April


Dates & Timings

2025 Dates and timings

The Waterside Series consists of four Sunday time trials, starting 8 weeks before Easter

Each race is spaced at fortnightly intervals and becomes progressively increasing in length from 13.5 miles to 34 miles.

Pre-entry only
Split start

23rd February
Race control opens

Fast crews not to check-in until after 10.45

Great Bedwyn

Schools/Slow  9.00-10.00
Fast  11.00-12.00

to Newbury
RG14 1DS


13.5 miles
21 portages

Tight finishing window
Late entries on day

9th March
Race control opens

RG14 1DS


to Aldermaston
Turning point is west of the A340 road bridge at Aldermaston Wharf

& back to Newbury

17.5 miles 
19 portages

Split start
Late entries on day

No car parking at Pewsey Wharf, Cars with canoes only can park at St Francis School.

23rd March
Race control opens

Fast crew not to check-in until after 10.00

Finish window time
(time your start to fit)


School/slow 9.00-9.45
Fast 10.15 - 11.30

to Newbury
RG14 1DS

23 miles
35 portages 

te entries on day

6th April
Race control opens

Finish window time
(time your start to fit)

SN10 1EB


to Newbur
RG14 1DS

34 miles
35 portages

The Waterside Series attracts over 1000 entries from all over UK.  The Series is made up of four challenging races, each one increasing in length from 13.5 to 34 miles.  Each Race is held on the picturesque Kennet and Avon Canal, covering the waterway from Devizes to Aldermaston, with each race finishing in Newbury.

The Races are traditionally held at fortnightly intervals leading up to Easter weekend, and thus the Series is often used by crews training for the Devizes to Westminster Race.

The Event is organised by Newbury Canoe Club, its members and supporting organisations, of which there are many.  The Series is run in the main in accordance with the British Canoeing’s Marathon Racing Committee Rules with only a few bespoke to the Series. These are highlighted in the Series Rules and all paddlers and Support crew members are encouraged to familiarise themselves with these. 

The Series and the K&A Canal offer some unique challenges, some race specific, but all contain river sections and low bridges, along with unpredictable weather conditions. Some races have been cancelled in the past due to the canal freezing up with over an inch of ice in one year.

The Series is open to all age groups but due to the challenging conditions any paddler under 16 must get the organisers permission (new Rule for 2024).  We have had K2 Veterans paddling with a combined crew age of over 140! There are 13 main classes to choose from and some contain subclasses depending on numbers in any one year,  who may be awarded a famous Waterside Series Mug !!

Classes and prizes

Classes & prizes

There are 13 main classes with many also containing Sub-Classes.  Each of the four races have their own prizegiving ,where placed crews (depending on numbers) are awarded Waterside Mugs, a tradition going back over 25 years.  At Race D prize giving those that qualify have a potential of being awarded a Waterside Series trophy and/or keepsake.






1  K2 Senior
2  K2 Junior
3  K2 Ladies
4  K2 Junior Ladies
5  K2 Veteran
6  K2 Mixed
7  K2 Junior/Veteran

8   K1 Senior
9   K1 Junior
10 K1 Ladies
11  K1 Veteran

12  C2 Canadian 

13  C1 Canadian

All ages apply on 1st January preceding the race

Junior = under 19yrs

Senior = over 19yrs 

Veteran = over 35yrs

Masters = over 50yrs

Many sub classes also exist


There are three team prizes within the Series which hold a strict criteria. 

Senior Team

Junior Team

Schools Team

These are the last and most prestigious trophies to be awarded at prizegiving  The schools trophy is the one that receives the most interest and is thus used as the final climax to the Series prizgiving.


The rules specify the specific prizes and any associated criteria, and are awarded at the end of each race. The series awards are presented after Race D prizegiving.   The array of trophies and keepsakes create an amazing end to the Series and recognises all the many paddling hours put in by so many.

The following Waterside Series trophies need special mention as they have been donated to the Club for special reasons:

  • Services Trophy - For the fasted crew (in any class) representing a Uniformed Service

  • Keith Donkin Cup -  For the fastest K1 Veteran Master

  • Junior Ladies K2 Trophy presented by Kimbolton School -  For the fastest K2 Junior Ladies

  • School Teams Trophy presented by the Schools Canoeing Association -  For the fastest team in the Junior Team Event representing a school.

  • John Baggs Trophy presented by Bedford School - For the fastest Junior Canadian Doubles

  • Lyn McLaren Trophy - For the fastest K2 Mixed Junior crew

  • SKB Award - For the fastest K2 Masters


Fees and entry


Seniors: £20.00 per seat per race, or £72.00 per seat for the series. 
Juniors: £15.00 per seat per race, or £52.00 per seat for the series. 


Late entry charge £5 per seat , available with entries on the day (Races B, C & D ).

£5 Event Tickets available.

Fees and registration


All Entries to the Series or Individual races are made via the British Canoeing Marathon Entry System.  


This Entry System shows the opening and closing deadlines of the Series and each Race. Make sure you select YYYY Waterside -  and then either Series or Race A, Race B, Race C or Race D. 

The series option offers a bulk discount, but entering each race individually and completing all four races also qualifies you for any of the appropriate Waterside Series awards.


Non-BC members

If you are unable to register via the BC registration please email us at with your completed entry form we will reply with your options to pay us and much more.                                                     

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